Hi, I'm Elias 👨🏾‍💻

🕵🏽‍♂️ Currently looking for new oppurtunites as a full-stack developer


GitHub Search Clone
Clone of GitHub’s search page using GitHub APIs that displays relevant Repositories, Commits, and Users
Built with:  
Next.js + AWS Amplify + TailwindCSS Authentication Flow
Authentication Flow using Next.js, AWS Amplify, and TailwindCSS.
Built with:  
Next.js + AWS Amplify + GraphQL + TailwindCSS Todo app
Simple Todo app
Built with:  
Athena Mobile App
A kitchen inventory mobile application useful for tracking a kitchen’s current inventory and a helpful way to minimize food waste.
Built with:  
Gift Fund Tracker - TTU Institutional Advancement
Implemented high-profile web app that tracks and improves the time of scholarship lookups by more than double, leading to faster financial aid review and award times.
Built with:  
Prospect Affinity Model – TTU Institutional Advancement
Tasked with ranking donors in the alumni CRM in a more intelligent way using RFM analysis and Customer Segmentation techniques
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Samsung Austin Semiconductors
Site Reliability Eningeer
January 2021 - Present
App owner that oversees and tests new releases of internal tooling that goes out to users within the company. As well as aid users with issues regarding internal app user interface whilst using various troubleshooting techniques
Texas Tech University
Software Engineer Intern
Sept 2019 - Dec 2020
Worked on projects such as Prospect Affinity Model and Gift Fund Tracker. Both projects were developed in tandem with and for Texas Tech Institutional Advancement.
Data Science Intern
Summer 2019
Worked on projects such as iGas Prediction. For this project I was tasked with using company data to examine correlations between rates of depletion of gas tanks and weather temperatures. I Approached this project by using climate data from the Dark Sky API in conjunction with basic statistical analysis as well as forms of machine learning (Time-Series Analysis) to ultimately predict rates of consumption.